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Discover My Team: Strengthening professional ties

The Covid crisis has shaken up all our businesses and human relations, at work and elsewhere. Everyone needs to rediscover authentic moments, offline time, shared emotions that can't be experienced over video! That's why we've created a special day for YOU: Discover My Team. This day is designed to help you rediscover the members of your team, strengthen the ties that bind them together and cultivate an environment conducive to collaboration and personal growth. Through fun activities and authentic exchanges, Discover My Team aims to create a space where the true talents and richness of each individual can flourish.

A day in 4 highlights:

1 : Discover My Team morning

Collaborative workshops and ice breakers to discover and get to know each other better. Adapted to the type of your group, the workshops are defined beforehand with you according to your objectives. Group photos and mementos of your work will be given to you at the end of the day. Duration: 2 hours.

2 : Friendly lunch

Intermix your teams around a friendly meal to create those moments of informal discussions that are ever so important in the daily life of a company.

3 : Experience by KOEZIO

Continue the afternoon with a KOEZIO game experience. High-end immersive games for unique moments for you to share! For 15 years, thousands of companies have trusted us to organize successful and totally original outings!

4 : Debriefing

Bring this emotionally charged day to an end with a debriefing led by a facilitator trained specially by Koezio while enjoying a friendly aperitif!

"Discover My team" is an approach developed by our team of TEAM BUILDING professionals aimed at recreating and strengthening the fundamental link between the employees of any company, in line with its Culture, Meaning and Values. Get to know yourself or reacquainted with your colleagues and (re)discover them differently. Strengthen a team. Integrate new arrivals. Strengthen a management committee. Be better prepared for future challenges with a united and strong team!