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Save the world in 60 minutes!

This is not an Escape Game: it is an immersive investigation!

The Machine Infernale is the most powerful object on Earth. It contains the most futuristic technologies of data encryption and artificial intelligence. Doctor Ego, the famous mad scientist, John K's number one enemy, sabotaged the invention ! In his hands, the power of the machine could lead to the end of the world !

Doctor Ego escaped, leaving us to face his Machiavellian plan ! With his escape he forgot to destroy a briefcase containing valuable documents in order to understand and make the Machine work. This is the only way to reactivate the system's vital functions one by one in order to get the control back. But the task is far from easy: the annotations left are far from being a notice, but rather a succession of puzzles and riddles !

To face this threat, we need to gather our best elite agents. You will use your team communication skills, your deductive skills and your speed to solve the different puzzles. You will be equipped with a tablet to find the clues in enhanced reality ! Beware, Doctor Ego leaves us a tight timing : you will have 60 minutes to save the Earth from this catastrophe ! Agents, are you ready for this challenge ?

Take advantage of accessories that are more real than life: the encrypted briefcase, the augmented reality tablets, the coded documents. After the debriefing, come and take a well-deserved break with your team over a drink, a board of cold meats and cheese or a convivial meal. Even secret agents relax during the aperitif !