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A cinematographic and sensory experience in virtual reality!

Discover virtual reality like you've never experienced it before with the Icecube Protocol experience. Start your mission to save the world. You will have to face vertigo, heat, cold and speed as a team ! Your mission : save the world from the threat of melting ice, find the culprit and stop the phenomenon! The Icecube Protocol virtual reality experience takes you in total immersion in a cinematographic and sensory discovery never seen before in France, both surprising and terribly addictive. To discover with family and friends!

Put on your virtual reality helmet, take the controllers and become the heroes of an extraordinary animation movie. Free to move around in the space of 80m2, you will experience unique sensations thanks to the haptic effects of the new 4D technology which makes you feel vibrations, wind, heat intensities or cold air depending on your actions in the game.

Let yourself be surprised and live the experience by being an actor in your own avatar ! Control your movements in the game, grab game’s objects, exchange and talk with your teammates, evolve in a collective way during the adventure. We count on you, through the various stages, to collect clues, use your imagination and trace the culprit's trail.

Beware, the threat is great, there are a lot of traps. Face up the elements, sensations, warmth and freshness with your team. The custom-made Icecube Proptocol experience immerses you for 45 minutes in a timeless universe with ultra-immersive graphics. An incredible, original and fun adventure to live with family, friends or colleagues.