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Lucky Darts
Social Darts: the game of darts reinvented at Koezio !

KOEZIO is revolutionary in innovation and offers you a new way to play darts. No more miscalculations, misscoring or target arguments, just aim, throw and let your connected darts do the rest.

The animated screen allows you to view the score achieved in live with an automatic score count based on the area hit in the target. Real-time statistics are displayed on the screen during each round, allowing you to analyze your moves and adjust your strategy during the game. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, Social Darts will completely change the way you play !

Spend a relaxing moment with your friends or colleagues by privatizing a dartboard track just for you! Enjoy a VIP bar - restaurant service. Order directly from the dartboard without interrupting your game and enjoy your drink or food : boards of cold meats and cheese, pizzas, tapas to share, and also beers, cocktails, juice and coffee, everything is possible at Koezio !

Become a full-fledged player, you only have to focus on your score and enjoy the moment ! Ready to play? Warm up your arms, prepare your arrows and get into some wild parties. Enjoy !