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Mission Out of Control, the life-size escape game!

Doctor Ego, John K's number one enemy as a special agent recruiter, remains untraceable! The escape game Out of control is an essential part of the KOEZIO experiences to be discovered with your friends, colleagues or family. Immerse yourself in your new role as a secret agent and start your quest to find Doctor Ego, the enemy of John K., director of the Elite Agents. In a universe out of the ordinary, your team will investigate the mysterious disappearance of Doctor Ego, navigating between trials and traps !

The detailed Out of control takes you to new settings with unique storytelling and, above all, amazing challenges to overcome! 3D screen, special effects, slides, light and sound effects, optical illusions, the settings as close as possible to reality will transport you into a parallel world to live at 200% the secret agent mission you’ve been assigned.

Become the actors of your own adventure! Agility, speed, mutual aid, memorization, flexibility, ingenuity, team cohesion...all the talents of your teammates will have to be united to get through all the trials together. Our advice? We're stronger as a team!

Between adventure games and puzzles, Doctor Ego won't make it easy for you! Put your senses on alert and move hand in hand to go through all the steps together. Only one word to remember : Cooperation. Energy and fun will be there! Get ready for an extraordinary experience, a timeless surprising and challenging moment off the beaten track : a real unique moment of escape !