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The ultimate interactive game experience

Pixel: Interactive games room

Pixel is a fully automated interactive games room, ideal for children and adults. This immersive experience offers interactive challenges where players interact directly with the game elements projected on the floor. A game session in a private area, for a memorable moment with friends or family.

Immersive interactive games for all

Pixel offers a range of dynamic and captivating game sessions for all ages. The interactive game immerses players in a world of bright colours, interactive challenges and engaging visuals, all at their feet. The game reacts to every movement, creating an immersive experience. These games require cooperation, agility and, above all, good coordination between your movements. Your reflexes will also be tested as the game changes. Players must collaborate and communicate to achieve the game's objectives and solve certain problems together. A complete game to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time.

A private space to have fun together

This immersive experience takes place over a 30-minute session in a completely private area. Ideal for an activity with friends or family, Pixel can accommodate groups, promoting a fun and competitive gaming experience. The Pixel room offers both a gaming area and a place to relax, the ideal place to celebrate a private event such as a birthday, an Bachelor Party or simply to enjoy a moment of group sharing. You can also take advantage of our bar/restaurant to extend your Koezio adventure.