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Doe mee aan de opleiding voor Elite Agenten onder leiding van John K.

Your mission: go through the 4 stages of the Elite Agent training course as a team. Together, you will be tested on your physical and intellectual abilities to become the next Elite Agents and join Director John K's center! Speed, aerial course at 12 meters high, reflection, everything will be good to pass the tests. Time is running out, you have 120 minutes to go through the 4 districts and convince us that you are the Elite Agents we are looking for!

Samen worden jullie getest op jullie fysieke en intellectuele capaciteiten om de volgende Elite Agenten te worden en je aan te sluiten bij het centrum van professor John K! Snelheid, hoogteparcours, raadsels en andere hindernissen staan op het programma.

Het actiespel zal je testen op zowel je fysieke reflexen als je intellectuele capaciteiten. Let op: spoiler alert, het combineren van zowel je krachten als je hersenen kan een van de trucs zijn om je talenten te verenigen en te slagen voor de test!

The riddle game will undoubtedly unsettle you, you will be questioned on all subjects and maybe where you don't expect it. It's up to you to be quick and memorize ! The indoor aerial course will make you evolve from platform to platform... If you don't need to be great acrobats, this will be an opportunity to surpass yourself and check your adventurous talents. Feel safe and confident with your safety harness. Everyone can follow the course of their choice. The escape game, it is once again surely together that you will be the best ! 5000m2 are open for you. It’s time to show your mental ability, speed and face new challenges. So, are you ready to join the Elite Agents ?