Koezio The Infection
A mysterious epidemic has spread to Koezio ...

Are you afraid of the dark?

For 5 years, Koezio centres organize Halloween nights to scare the hell out of you at least once a year...

Koezio centres are already known for being special agents training centres and great places to have a lot of fun.

See the Koezio parks under a new light (or dark for the matter...) on these special horror nights!

Choose the park your most close book your tickets and be ready to live the most frightening / scaring / terrifying / horrifying (delete as appropriate) night of your life!

Koezio Villeneuve d'Ascq

Koezio Lieusaint Sénart

Koezio Cergy

Koezio Brussels

This year, a mysterious epidemic has spread in our centers Koezio ...

Some agents have become uncontrollable and it is best not to approach them. Your mission : infiltrate the center and find the antidote to stop the spread. You will also have to unmask the person responsible for this chaos. We must nevertheless warn you: once inside, you will only have to rely on yourself ...


  • Beforehand make sure every participant does respect conditions for participation to the Koezio missions (since you will have to go through the regular areas of the game)
  • The event is strictly forbidden for under 16 years old, even supervised
  • You will need to enter the game per team from 2 to 5 agents

Any agent not meeting our conditions for participation will be denied the access to the adventure.