Dear Agents, you have reached this stage but you have a few questions before making the final leap to change your entire life and become a Koezio Agent.

We are going to try and respond and persuade you to join the ranks of John K. without further delay.

How many agents can be accepted in a team? How do the teams work?

Teams comprise 2 to 5 agents for the configuration and maximum optimisation of your mission. Therefore, it will not be possible, and under no circumstances, to modify this component. However, if you are more than 5 agents, 6 to 7 teams undertake missions every 15 minutes and follow each other throughout the long adventure. So don’t worry about being separated from your best friend, family member, or your faithful servant during your mission. You can meet up in each District even if you have to be loyal and united with your team until the end of the experience.

What is the maximum number of agents?

6 to 7 teams accept a mission every 15 minutes and follow each other throughout their long adventure, giving a maximum of 35 agents every 15 minutes (depending on the training centres).

How long does the mission last?

It takes about 1h.30 to 2h to successfully carry out your mission, over and above this time we will be obliged to send in a team of instructor agents to safely bring your team out.

What languages are required for this mission?

John K. is practically multilingual; at present the mission is accessible to all our French-speaking, English-speaking and Dutch-speaking agents.

Can one use a camera, a GoPro or a smartphone on mission?

For security reasons, notably a fall or breakage, cameras, GoPro and smartphones are forbidden on mission, as well as any other object of value or otherwise, that could be lost or damaged (in this case, Koezio is not responsible). We remind you that you undertake a Koezio mission and cross through four Districts over an area of almost 5000m3, and if in your enthusiasm you lose your wedding ring (of course by inadvertence!) or your telephone, our instructor agents, although well able to deal with all negative situations, would have difficulty in finding your lost objects.

Can persons not wishing to participate in the mission still be part of the game?

For security reasons, each person wishing to be part of the game must be registered in a team and thus participate in the mission. The persons who do not wish to participate in the mission can, while waiting for their group, benefit from our bar and restaurant areas.

Are we, or our children, accompanied/supervised during our mission?

The mission is partially autonomous, your instructor agents, of course, follow your progress during the mission and your performances. However, each agent taking part in the mission must be attentive to the instructions and video briefings which are provided as the mission progresses so as to understand the game process. Our instructor agents will be present in District 04 to provide security for the aerial course.

You have a problem and cannot support your team on the day of the mission?

The Koezio missions are not refundable or interchangeable, however, over and above being special agents, we are cooperative and able to understand cases of force majeure. If this is the case, urgently contact the Koezio training centre where you have paid for your mission.

Do all the teams have the same mission?

All the teams have to go through the four same Districts during their mission. However, depending on the other agents who are with you, your experience is a unique adventure each time. Except the Koezio Villeneuve d'Ascq training centre which offer now 2 different missions: Agents d'élite or Hors Contrôle

What methods of payment are accepted?

On line, we propose either you pay your reservation in full by credit card, or by the multi-payment formula for all reservations with 6 or more agents. The multi-payment formula allows you to pay for one mission (minimum) to block your reservation, and afterwards to send a link to the other participants to enable them to pay their mission themselves, without you having to advance the payment.

You can choose to arrive directly and take your chance as to whether there is an available slot, you can pay for your mission (individually or fully) by credit card, cash or “cheques vacances ANCV” (ANCV Holiday Vouchers)

These conditions only apply to individuals, other conditions are foreseen for companies and collectivities.

Does a Koezio mission hold any risks?

There are always risks in life, but isn’t that exciting?

In your training centre, all your training instructors pay attention to your security, first and foremost by providing you with a briefing before your mission. Then, during your adventure, as well as being attentive to video briefings, they explain to you the rules to follow for the smooth progression of your mission. In addition, you will always have access to the « Alert » buttons to call an instructor agent who will come to your assistance.

Your Koezio training centres are controlled daily before the arrival of the first agents, and very strict security standards are applied throughout the mission courses.

What dress should be foreseen?

For optimal conditions to meet the different challenges that await you, we shall lend you a special agent overall (freshly laundered, of course), under which you can wear a light garment for free movement and not feel too hot. You will also need to wear clean running/sport shoes to fullfill your mission.

Where can I find my in-game picture(s)?

Every picture takken on any Koezio park is on a dedicated website with the link underneath. To find your picture you only have to use the park, day, and hour filters. You can then save or share it anywhere you want.

What are the conditions for participation?

In order to safeguard your security at all times during your mission, we absolutely require that each agent who takes part respects the conditions for participation:

  • Elite Agent Mission: must be taller than 1m40, 1 adult must stay on-site for any kid under 14 years old, no more than 110kg
  • Hors Contrôle Mission: must be taller than 1m30, 1 adult must accompanied every team with under 14 years old kids . Not pregnant or have given birth within 6 months . Not under medical treatment or have heart problems . Not have vertigo, claustrophobia or epilepsy . Not inebriated and not to have taken drugs . Be in good physical condition and not have any medical contra-indications for the practice of sport or have any articulatory problems