The Company sets high standards. Your colleagues are demanding. Are you equal to the challenge? Experiencing teamwork activities during a mission in a Koezio Training Centre, is an unique opportunity for colleagues to demonstrate their best qualities to the group.

A unique place offering several team play experiences designed to develop team spirit and mutual aid:

Idea N° 1: Reward group cohesion by proposing mission objectives especially developed for team building. Idea N°2: Develop individual and mutual confidence amongst the team members through situations that promote all facets of the personality. Idea N°3: Provide a strong and shared experience in a place where extravagance, mutual assistance, and excitement are ever present.

Work areas and catering services

A recreation place…that becomes a workplace.

Rental of a room with or without a mission
Corporate area
Private areas

4 Solutions to respond to the expectations and issues of your team!

Your company’s mission is more than a mission! It’s a moment where everything must be special, from the time of arrival at the Centre to the debriefing after your adventures as a team!

Koezio has foreseen every need for the success of this mission. For further information or customized quotation contact our special agents on-site:

  • Koezio Villeneuve d'Ascq (north of France)/+33 3 20 05 80 04,
  • Koezio Sénart (Paris'south)/ +33 1 64 13 13 02,
  • Koezio Cergy (Paris' north)/ +33 1 344 342 08,
  • Koezio Brussels (Belgium)/ +32 2 319 54 53
  • Koezio Lyon au +33 4 28 29 15 16

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