You are here because you are a (very) special person.
Choose your Koezio mission and be ready to live 90 to 120 min of unforgettable adventures!
Help each other
Go forward together
Trust one another

You are now at the beginning of your adventure…

You are a special agent, but you don’t know this yet. Today we propose that you undertake a 90 to 120-minute full team training. No need to be sportive or first in the class: according to your secret file you are perfectly capable of succeeding either mission you'll choose. You are going to negotiate a course going through 4 districts. At each stage of this course you must give of your best: reflection, resilience under stress, team spirit…Don’t worry: according to our evaluations you have a high chance of surviving any of these missions.

Mission Hors Contrôle

Mission Hors Contrôle

Your mission: foil Dr Ego's evil plans while going through several team games.

Discover the mission
The history of the Koezio parks.

The history of the Koezio parks.

Koezio? What a story!

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