Youth and collectivities: at Koezio's the only important things are to share, trust and dare!
For nearly 2 hours, each young person becomes a Special Agent. School results don’t count. Physical strength makes no difference. What counts is to know how to share, have confidence, and dare to do. In order to learn how to put this into practise, the training course covers 4 districts where each team member can excel.

Happiness and values

An outing for your pupils and the youth of your community – a festive and sharing time. It is also a great opportunity to experience values such as mutual assistance, exceed beyond expectations, and team spirit. The Koezio training programme provides a wealth of experience.

Help each other
Have fun
Trust one another

Useful information

The conditions for participation

. Obligatory presence on site of a responsible adult for -14 years . At least 1m40 in height and no more than 110 kg . Not pregnant or have given birth within 6 months . Not under medical treatment or have heart problems . Not have vertigo, claustrophobia or epilepsy . Not inebriated and not to have taken drugs . Be in good physical condition and not have any medical contra-indications for the practice of sport or have any articulatory problems