Welcome to your Koezio Training Centre. Your life as a Special Agent has just begun. There is no turning back.

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John K.

Our Director has made his decision: you have been accepted in our Centre. He has developed the training programme that you will follow.

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The mission

[SPOILER] Recruit teams from 2 to 5 special agents... This is a secret mission. You can click to discover more, but only on the condition that you destroy your screen immediately afterwards to erase all confidential information.

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Drink and food

We invite you to discover the Agents’ Club. Note: it is reserved for those who have successfully carried out the Koezio Mission (even James Bond does not have the right to enter).

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Our training center

Transmission of John K., founder of the Koezio adventure parks

Futur Koezio Agents, I welcome you all in Koezio. I strongly believe my adventure park will be able to awake your curiosity and deeply change you. Koezio is a leisure park that can host all your special events, my instructor agents are missionned to make your day unforgettable from your bachelor party ideas to your next fun things to do with friends. Whatever the reason of your coming, after you visit Koezio, you will enter the special agents Koezio community and will only want to book your next mission for one of our Live Adventure Games Koezio!